Monday, February 02, 2009

No chance of a practice outside yet!

Went into work this morning in the snow and then got sent home by 2pm. Having gone into work I'd picked up my camera and on the way home shot some video of the snow and some pictures. As you can see from the picture here, there's no chance of a practice outside for a while.

This is our practice field from the wicket at the road end. The snow at the minute is about 5" deep with more this afternoon and later tonight, although as I write a predicted increase in the amount of snow doesn't seem to have been realised. Tomorrow is just going to start off with really cold freezing weather making travelling difficult as the roads are going to be like Ice Rinks.

I've had some bad news on the nets front for the James Hornsby front as Thomas has bailed out saying that he's paying 2 quid to play football in the evening and he can't justify paying a tenner to play cricket during the day. Whatever. So that's a man down and puts the nets sessions in a more precarious situation as that means the only way it can go ahead now is if we have Badger, Alex, Simon and me there and then keep our fingers crossed that someone esle my turn up such as Mark Soye. It all sounds a bit ifs and buts and is beginning to look as though I shouldn't bother and just stick with Grays and Chadwell nets? I'll see what happens next time.