Thursday, February 05, 2009

Nets tonight

Thursday - last night I got on the train at 5.20 and despite the fact that there was cloud cover it was relatively light, so come Friday if the weather's clear it be interesting to see if the sun has gone down by 5pm, I'm sure it will have only just done so, so that means Joe and Ben getting out of school at 3.30 or whatever time they do have the potential for an hours worth of cricket if they were so inclined! The thaw is happening at last, it's rained over night a bit and for the best part side roads and streets are now accessible by car and I only fell over once walking to work - again managing to land on my hands rather than anywhere painful. Although landing on my bowling hand isn't that good an idea, but I wasn't hurt. The cricket field is still totally covered in snow for some reason - it seems to have fallen deep and even there and hardly anyone has disturbed it.

So tonight's going to be net practice with Grays and Chadwell and the possibility of some coaching. I may try and focus entirely on bowling the leg break and just be prepared to be hit loads. I may vary the length and speed if I get into it, but in the short term I just want the ball to turn, so length and speed may have to be scarificed so that I can focus on getting the turn? With the batting I want to concentrate on the front foot drive and the step towards the ball and keeping the bat straight and not swiping it round at an angle as I was last week. Hopefully the coach will help me with that?

England have started their games with the West Indies yesterday, so hopefully my mate at work will have burned a DVD or two for me to watch of the action so I can pick up some pointers and watch the spinners. On this subject - last night I was looking around the internet looking for DVD's of Shane warne. You'd think that being as successful as he was and as popular as he was someone would have put together a DVD of some footage of his best spells and wickets? Or better still a Shane Warne 'How to DVD' with his famous and most impressive wicket? I can't find nothing!


I'm also going to take my video camera and try and get some footage of the practice, but at the same time I don't really want to be having to look after it and it does run the risk of being hit by a ball coming off the bat. I'll try and get some shots of my bowling and some of the others from the back shot from a high viewpoint so that you can see the bat as well. That way there shouldn't be an issue of people walking in the way of the camera.