Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leg Spin bowling 21st Feb

What a day! 16 degrees centigrade and sunny. So for the first time in months I had a bit of a bowl. See the other blog -

That went quite well, so I'll be sticking with bowling Leg Breaks primarily so that they're ready for the new season. I had a look at my clubs website tonight and found some bits on there that I've never seen before including all the stats I wont mention mine as they're pretty poor - you gotta remember I'm a learner. But there is a bloke that I've mentioned here before (last night in fact) The Wizard who's also new, I think he's got a year on me and he's the bloke who's stats I've got my eye on. Looking at the all the stats we're quite close.

The Wizard

Bowled 88.5 overs
Average - 50.92
RPO - 6.90
Maidens - 1
Strike Rate - 44.25
Batting/Innings - 11
Runs 19
Average 2.11
High score 5


Bowled 68 overs
Average 52.25
RPO - 6.15
Maidens - 1
Strike rate 51
Batting/Innings - 7
Runs 21
Average 3.5
High score 7

I lead the way with the batting which surprises me as I thought I was the worst on the team. With the coaching I'm getting and the personal effort I'm putting into the batting I'm hoping to get my high score up to 20 (Neils target he set me) and maybe get the average up to 5?

With regards the bowling averages the next person up the list in front of me and the Wizard is miles better. Wayne Simmonds has an average of 25.29 with 4.88 runs per over, so that's a target to aim for but the key aim will to beat The Wizard. If I could anywhere near Wayne that would be a massive acheivement.

With regards fielding The Wizard did better than me there too in that he had 4 catches as opposed to my two! I'm sure I had more than 2 catches! I thought I had 2 in one game at the start of the season and a really good one fileding a point once in the early part of the season!

So there you go a few more things to try and improve on along with the Leg Break.