Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Net Expectations

Nets tomorrow night and the expectation that the Leg Break might come together nicely. What I've got to do though is stay focussed and not be put off by the fact that my mate bowls massively turning Leg Breaks. Instead focus on the fact that his line is inconsistent.

I think at the moment I am enthused and positive and after the results on Monday night champing at the bit to bowl at someone with a bat in their hand exploring the potential of varying the length, speed, flight and line. Thinking slightly longer term there's also Sunday when the MPA boys will be in the nets as well including Simon. Simon's the bloke that gives me feedback on what the ball is doing and how difficult/easy it is to play, so it's useful. There's a chance too that Badger might be there as well bowling so I'll be facing two bowlers I find fairly tricky to play against.

With regards my bowling at the nets tomorrow I'm going to have to try a different approach with The Wizard, maybe play purely defensive and see how that works?

Oh yeah I we haven't got the MPA nets for 15th March and April 12th, so we'll have to look at other options with regards those dates.