Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The big heat continues

People have very short memories and I don't suppose that come Dec they'll remember how damn hot it's been this summer. But I reckon we've now had the best part of 2 months almost with virtually no rain. As a consequence the paddock wicket, which for a brief period was lovely and flat has now been reduced to a lumpy dust track. With some rain there may be some hope that the grass may be revitalised into life and the roots beneath the surface that hold the earth together might grow a little and stop the wicket from totally disintegrating.

I can see now how some groundsmen have real trouble maintaining wickets and ensuring that there's a surface to play on. But I reckon if like most wickets if I was able to water the wicket in the paddock it wouldn't be in half the state it is in now. It does look as though without any rain in any one year the paddocks life span may be very short to offer any use as somewhere to bat. With dry weather probably putting an end to batting practice around early to mid June?