Monday, July 05, 2010

The Big Match

There's been a sudden interest in playing Kwik cricket and cricket generally over at the Paddock with the football/estate kids joining in and some of them doing really well. So much so that I ventured that maybe they should all join us over at the Rec in the disused Tennis courts and we'll play there, where the surface is flat and the shape and size of the courts is not dis-similar to playing indoor cricket in a sports hall. So far they're all really up for it and it sounds like we've got a game this Thursday at 7pm. One of them has so far been exceptionally good with both the bat and the ball and is a far better batsman than Joe, Ben and me, but it'll be interesting to see how well he does over 20 yards with proper bowling?

All I've got to do is come up with an idea for a form of the game that's going to keep them all interested and rotating the strike but rewarding those that do well and I think we're going for our partnership 25's game I came up with in the winter. The idea being that the emphasis is on building partnerships, thus reinforcing the need to communicate a la' Joe when batting and scoring singles and running between the stumps.

Initially the forming of the partnerships will be organic, the batting order will be chosen on the basis of their height with the little kids going first forming the first partnerships. The bowling similarly will start with the smaller kids working up too.