Friday, July 30, 2010

The Big Leg-break

So today I've been working on it again. I have a go at it sporadically and always have some degree of success with it - especially if I bowl across a shorter distance. Out side my garage I have a couple of garages with a section of brick wall in between the two doors and I bowl at that pitching the ball miles outside of the wall section (legside) and can turn the ball back onto the wall again and again with real ease. This is over about 10 yards. I'm able to convert that to 15 yards fairly readily out on the paddock and again with good accuracy both line and length. But, it always seems that I have a good degree of success over the 15 yards and then move to 16 yards about 3 or 4 overs later and then 17 and 18 and so on, but then it starts to fall apart and the ball starts going the other way and I then get disillusioned with the inconsistency and the fact that the ball is going both ways despite the fact that it feels like I'm bowling in exactly the same manner. It seems to be that with the extra effort required to get the ball the 22 yards something goes wrong with the release. The overall issue is the lack of patience and the fact that I move on too soon.Giving this some thought I'm now thinking - go back to basics and work on the big flick and even looking at this video I'm aware that my execution of the big inward flick is more compact and controlled which I reckon bodes well. Theoretically, if I keep doing this as much as I can, my muscle memory will start to work and put this down in my brain as the wrist position that it's most familiar with and this may then convert to being the wrist position and action that happens when I bowl? It might turn out to be complete rubbish - but it's worth a go eh?So I worked with it yesterday in the impatient manner and sure enough a good start panned out into a poor conclusion - Big Wrong Uns. So today I did the 10 yard wall practice and then this evening I spent 20 minutes with six balls, a 12 x 12" car mat and a single stump over 15 yards and that went exceptionally well with a potential 75% success rate with good line and length with massive turn. Although tempted to extend the length to 16 yards I stuck with the 15 yards and kept at it feeling for the release and the familarity of the same snap off the fingers I get with the 10 yard wall drill and it worked again and again over the 15 yards. Furthermore I was able to use variations of flight and speed and still get good turn off the wicket. I think what I need to do is make notes and record any discoveries in the nuances of what I'm doing. For instance tonight all this was coming through a single step in and a side on delivery. So I need to return to the same approach tomorrow. I just have to keep thinking 'Richie Benaud - fours years' and be patient.