Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plantar Faciitis

I've not mentioned this for a while because it bores me to tears that I'm suffering from it and I got fed up of going on about but I've still got it and it seems to be getting worse. For weeks now I've not played a proper game, in part due to the fact that no-one has asked me, albeit apart from 1 or 2 weekends when we were away, but I'm not fussed as I've considered it to be a chance to recouperate and maybe let the heel repair.

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be how it works and seemingly by not practicing and not playing it seems that then when I do have a bit of a knock about with my kids I then suffer more than I ever have done in the past. At the minute I reckon I'm on my way to being a walking stick user in the not too distant future if it gets progressively worse at the same rate. But what with some holiday coming up and not being able to afford to go away this year it looks like an opportunity to see a physio and get the problem looked at and see if it can be rectified. In the short term I'm getting some relief from it through icing it and have ice foot baths when it's sore. But I want to be able to do something to stop and prevent it rather than fix it short term. I need a long term solution.