Friday, July 02, 2010

Kwik cricket

We've got the estate kids playing Kwik cricket at the moment in the paddock, but what with the fence being only 8' high we're potentially losing balls. Ben got the most runs tonight in one of his innings scoring 29 and that was almost off of just nurdling the ball into close in areas where there wasn't a fielder. I spoke to him tonight about whether he saw that as a potential tactic in a proper game and he seemed not convinced. Both Ben and Joe have been picked to play in a game against Wickford this Sunday, so fingers crossed they'll play as well as they did in their last game where both of them maintained their wickets, scored runs and took wickets with their bowling. I noticed tonight that Ben bowls the occasional Leg Break with a degree of accuracy and intention.

All I need to do is try and get this bunch of kids over the Rec and in the tennis courts and we could have a proper game with running between the stumps and half decent field settings and good bowling and wicket keeping.