Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Big Flick development

The Holy Grail in Wrist Spin bowling is that ability to really rip the ball off the fingers combining the Flick of the wrist and a nice energetic rotation through the crease with a good follow through. (There's other bits as well that are important). The bit I'm working on is the flick off the fingers with the correct wrist presentation as it unfrurls (Flicks). If you can get this right you'll have the ball leaving the hand rotating at whatever angle you wish in relation to the direction it moves along the length of the pitch.

Increasingly I'm having more and more success with it, especially when bowled in conjunction with the stand start drill and it was looking promising for this season in that I may have moved on to trying it out in a couple of games. But having now sussed that I can bowl with a bound, I've got to go several steps backwards and almost learn how to bowl again!

I've got nets on Monday night I may take a load of training balls and practice in the end net with no batsman and see if I can start to incorporate the bound into my bowling action. I had a go today outside and it didn't look too promising, but I can sense that longer term it may come together.