Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nets at Grays

B&PCC didn't have a net session on Monday, so I contacted some of the Grays blokes and asked if I could go along to their session and one of the blokes said that was fine. Didn't bat just had a bit of a bowl. It's difficult to judge how well you're bowling when you're in the nets especially if the batsmen are 1/2 decent because they just try and hoik you into the far distance. One in particular did exactly that for 6-7 balls, showing no respect whatsoever, but I eventually got him twice potentially stumped bowling fuller Top-Spinners. The rest of them it was a similar story, primarily stumping off of flippers and a leg break that pitched a little outside of leg and came in through the gate to hit the off-stump. All in all I was quite happy with what happened and I'm definitely now beginning to watch the batsman looking at where there are weaknesses. I also move around the crease a lot if I get dealt with quite easily off a sucession of balls from my normal close in over the wicket bowling position.