Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Wrong Un

This is another one of those re-workings for my other blogs, and this as you may have guessed is going to deal with the Wrong Un

As with all the variations this one comes with the same warning - Before you go anywhere near considering bowling the wrong un, you really need to have a good solid Leg Break as your main delivery (Referred to as your Stock Ball). Before learning the Wrong Un you need to be taking wickets with your Leg Break on a regular basis and be able to bowl on a good line and length with virtually no wides. Bowling Wrist Spin is reputedly one of the most difficult specialities in the game and if you've not got your leg break fully sussed and your not taking wickets with it on a regular basis it's a false economy to think that by adding the Wrong Un to your reportoire will improve your game. Richie Benaud amongst others advocates bowling your Leg Break for at least 4 years before you consider looking at the other variations. From my own experience of now being a Wrist Spinner for four years I would certainly say that my Leg Break is far from the finished article and still requires a lot of work and is the ball that I focus 95% of my practice on trying to perfect it.