Saturday, February 05, 2011

Insider information

I write a lot of stuff on an Australian forum for spinners and there's a few blokes on there that seem to know their stuff and there's a lot of sharing of information and linking to websites and videos on the internet. I've probably said on here a few times, when it comes to wrist spin bowling there's not a lot out there information-wise, either in books, DVD's, on the internet or real people that are willing to impart gems of useful information. So for some time now some of the others and me have been scratching our heads on the forum and via blogs asking 'Have we covered everything'? Because it seems short of talking to someone like Terry Jenner, Peter Philpott or Shane Warne we're pretty well informed.

I say this because today an insider posted me some info that isn't readily available to most people and this means I may have been given the last piece of the Jigsaw puzzle as such. I'd heard about this piece of info before and a couple of people had already said 'But you already pretty much know it anyway' and sure enough having looked through it there was only minute pieces of information that were presented in slightly different ways that were not really 'New' just different. In essence, all the information that I have in either my blogs or my youtube channel do seem to represent the most comprehensive collection of information and guidance on the subject albeit slightly spread around and disorganised.

I still find it difficult to believe that there's not a few more nuggets of info out there and I'll keep searching and asking, but todays insider 'Leak' does seem to confirm that between us on the big cricket website in the spin bowling section we have more or less exposed all there is that can be written down about wrist spinning. The only other thing we could possibly do is be coached by someone in the know, who is professional. Indeed one of our number is and he's being coached by a bloke that was coached by Peter Philpott and he comes back saying that what he's being shown and told is nothing additional to what we've been finding and diseminating via the forum and the blogs!