Friday, February 04, 2011

A whole new appraoch this season?

There could be a massive change in my bowling this season after the development at the end of last season. Remember I changed the run up in that I dropped the Titch Freeman skip and started to practice and massively improve using the stand start and one ro two step walk in. The video were uploaded to youtube and several people commented on the improvements and one or two said that I needed to have a 'Bound'. After living with the Titch Freeman skip and having to work quite hard to just simply walk to the crease and bowl, the idea of adding a 'Bound' did seem inconceivable and previous attempts at it have been laughable! Having said that I did teach my older son Ben to correct his jumping off the wrong foot bowling and at the time I did this by demonstrating the bound in a very haphazrd way, but he got it and now bowls okay.

Recently though I've been having a go at it again and it again it was laughable until my younger son - 9 year old Joe showed me and explained it and then watching Beau Casson bowling on Youtube, the penny suddenly dropped and it all suddenly fell into place and made sense and within a jiffy I was doing it! So with some practice I'm hoping the bound will add some energy through the crease and I'll be able to spin the ball some more!