Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5th day at the Test and more

We've had a good few cricket days over the last week or so, especially since Sunday it's virtually been non-stop cricket which I'm never going to complain about. It kind of started on Thursday, Joe broke up from school 1/2 day in front of Ben and it meant that we spent some time out in the paddock doing some throw down drills and Joe was well up for it. Later we spent some time watching the Ashes live and Joe began to become interested in it (He's not been a big fan of the longer form of the game) which is a good move. Off the back of doing that he then started asking about scoring and we spent some time watching the IPL full length matches on youtube with a scorebook - filling it in and learning how to do that

The next day Joe and I had a knock about in the paddock and he got fully kitted up - enthused by the fact that he's inherited his older brothers cricket spikes that he never wore (Twice maybe)?, so this kept the cricket momentum building further still. With the spikes and being impresssed with them it meant that he was more than up for a game on Sunday, but he then realised generally the U11's play on the artificial wicket, but I said they may get lucky and they might play the U13's inter-club match on a real wicket?

Sunday and we were up early and one of the first to arrive at Mopsies. On this ocassion I'd taken along our score-book to practice my own scoring skills and see if I could get the hang of it. The teams were divied up U13's with a handful of U11's - 8 aside as there was a pretty poor turn out. The weather was predicted to be warm but blustery, blustery it was, warm it wasn't particularly, especially if you were sat in the shade.

Bens team fielded first captained by Harrison Morris I think? They did pretty well, especially in the bowling department with almost everyone bowling pretty tight and not giving away loads of wides. At this point I'll have apologise for my scoring ineptitude and remind you that this is an on-going learning process.

Of their bowlers only 2 of them produced wides, with Harrison Morris producing the best bowling performance with 3-0-5-2, a strike rate of a wicket for every 2 runs. What is good to see is that despite the fact that Frank Farrington (Wrist Spinner) went for 9 runs off his first 2 overs which is the 2nd worst with regards averages, the captain gave him the 3rd over, hopefully because he could see that Frank was producing opportunities to get wickets. My son Ben bowled okay, but as often happens was let down by the wicket keeper albeit a part-timer on this ocassion - George, as he let a few balls through due to his pace. Joes team captained by Anthony Ayres scored 69 by my reckoning off the alloted 20 overs, with Anthony scoring highest with a 15 not out, batting at No.6. My younger son Joe scored 2 before being run-out off a ball that was already in the fielders hands when the kid at the other end opted to run and was already 2/3rds of the way up the pitch before Joe followed his lead leaving him no hope of getting to his ground.

To be continued.