Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Brentwood County High School v Shenfield Y8 cricket

Another day and another match and Ben was drafted into the year 8's the year above him. There was no-one in the team he knew and they don't know his form, so he got a final over at the end of the 20 overs and batted at No.10 and was out for a Golden off a seamer - ball finding it's way between the bat and pads. BCHS batted 1st and posted around 85 for 9 it seems and the Shenfield boys won the match 'Easily' Ben reported. But all good experience, especially as he knew how he'd been bowled and that may make him think about his shots in future?

Unfortunately, Joe had gone with Ben and they didn't get back till 7.30 and by the time they had their dinner it had gone 8pm and the rain had started.