Friday, July 22, 2011

Paddock update

The school holidays started today and the paddocks in good shape considering it's july and it's raining at the moment 10.30 at night which is good, as the dampness will stop it from cracking up and crumbling. Despite the recent rain, just a couple of days of fine weather has created surface cracking on the paddock, but it's no-where near the kind of cracking that's going to impact on any bowling at this stage.

So, today once the grass had dried out I got the mower out and cut the grass in readiness for some use this afternoon. If you're wondering about the mower, it's an Ransomes Ajax IV from the 1970's which produces a very low cut and the nice striped affect that you can see in the images.

Here's a little video of us setting up the paddock ready for use It's a time-lapse clip.

The only issue at the minute with the paddock is that at the batting end where the batsman is playing the shots the ground is a little loose underfoot as that's where the majority of the wear and tear occurs and it's under the trees, so the grass doesn't grow that well there anyway, but over the next few days we'll do some work on it and get it repaired.