Monday, July 11, 2011

Leg Spin first 2 overs

I've been writing again, updating my other main blog the legspin one which at the moment is in a bit of disarray and needs a tidy up, so that's what I'm trying to do. At the minute the topic I'm writing about is the first two overs conundrum that most Wrist Spinners have to wrangle with when they're thrown the ball. Most learners when they start out are going to bowl a couple of ropey overs till they get settled and it's usually the case that if those two overs are expensive you're lucky to get a fourth if you don't take 2 or 3 wickets in your 3rd over, even if your 3rd overs pretty tight you're usually given a rest, just as you get started. So what can you do about this situation?

My bowling at the minute is pretty good and the balls coming out well with drift and spin and possibly even a bit of dip, overall I reckon I'm bowling pretty well and possibly better than I have ever done. In a couple of days one of the Basildon players Paul Card is going to join me in the Paddock and give me a bit of a going over to see if I'm as good as I think I am, which will be interesting. But the reality is that the first 12 + balls are still coming out bad until I find some rhythm and this is something I've been considering and wondering what it is that other bowlers do to ensure that they stay on and get to bowl 5 or 6 overs. The obvious solution is even more practice, which is on-going, but other solutions would be good to explore and then I stumbled across this.............

The point that Denly makes about Warnes field is borne out by the fields below which are all examples of his fields in T20 matches, where Warne knows that the batsmen are going to come after him.

This then led me to consider where it is that Wrist Spinners get smashed to when the batsmen are looking to bully them. In this clip here

Warne gets smacked for 27 in one over by Maharoof, his field is this one here below.

Because it's only a clip it's unclear whether this is Warne opening over, but you can see he's aware that Maharoof is going to come after him and as Denly suggests in the Youtube video Warne puts the blokes on the boundary. Interestingly the 4 sixes all end up in pretty conventional areas in accordance with my own experiences. My worst ever bowling figures were recorded on the same ground against the same team in two seperate years and on both ocassions 90% of the balls were hit for 4's and 6's in pretty much the same region that Warne gets hit in the video here. So from now on I'm going to be looking at this in more detail and as I sit hit and think about the other ocassions when I've been hit big, there is a re-occuring pattern. So from my own perspective, I should be setting a field that looks to protect the areas specifically bewteen Deep square leg and deep long off. I need now to consider a field and come up with a strategy.