Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bowling with the bound.

I've bowled badly for a few weeks now, maybe longer - slow, wide, no turn, no spin, too full - loads of problems. The main reason I've felt is because of the lack of a bound in the bowling action. It's as though having been there once already and seeing the potential, everything else I've bowled since without the use of the bound has looked or at least seemed to be very inferior. At the end of June whilst on holiday I re-knackered my knee ligaments and so have been unable to put in the practice with the use of the bound, but in the last 2 weeks the knee has got better and I've been introducing the bound in small spells. Unfortunately these short spells have been poor as well even with the bound, I've just felt really un-gainly. But what with the school holidays being here and the weather being fine, I've been up and about a lot and mobile and the knee seems to be in a good condition again. So tonight I bowled with the bound off a short run up and for the first time in a long while it came together nicely and I bowled exceptionally well - with pace, accuracy and lots of turn, it looked like the kind of bowling that would cause people problems and would lead to wickets. Let's see if I can repeat the same thing again tomorrow?