Sunday, March 18, 2007

Plans & Stuff Happening (Updated Apr 1st)

It's been suggested that we give up the nets by a couple of people now and I myself am an advocate of playing on grass but I can see giving up the nets causing problems. Because of the committment to paying £70 for the venue I think there's a collective sense that we should turn up as if you don't it's just not cricket as the other chaps will have to pay for you being absent. If you take that away there may be a tendency for people to think that there's no real loss if you don't turn up?

Badger suggested that even when we stop doing the nets it would still be a good idea if we pay to play - maybe £5.00 each a fortnight and that can go towards gear? I for one am up for that - don't know what you all think?

But if we can all get out on the grass I've had an idea for how we might play the game in a competitive manner. I think we need to have two blokes in at a time and I could see that as individuals that's flawed as there's no looking out for each other. So if we play a game as a method of practice (Which I think is essential) we should play in pairs so that both the blokes in have to look out for each other and the scores are collective and individual. (this also instills a sense that you need to turn up in order not to let your fellow team mate down and thus ensure attendance)? Your innings are only as long as it takes the rest of the team to get you out. 1 out = both out so again as a team it might be tactically advantageous to make sure your better half is on strike and therefore the running between the wickets becomes more pressurised? The rest of us who are all looking to get in and bat will all have to field for our lives in order to reduce the pair that are in's scores. So there will be a need for a captain and a bowling and fielding strategy. To me this sounds so good I'd pay a tenner still to play and give up the nets next time and play every weekend! I've had a look at who we've got and have come up with a suggestion as to who the pairs might be.....

Dave & Richard
Thomas & Rod
Mark & Alex
Simon & Trevor
Nick & Badger

Or would it be better to actually do it in the batting order so that we learn to communicate with the people we're more likely to be really batting and running with?

If you partner is looking like they're going to be lettting you down then there should be some onus on you getting a stand in from somewhere?

What do you all reckon?

Saturday April 6th
There was talk of a few of us getting out on the grass early next Saturday for a couple of hours (Thomas, Alex and me) but it looks like I'm off up to Derby that weekend so watch this space for confirmation of that fact.

First Match - May 22nd - Welstead Gardens 5.30 start
Aussies & Kiwis

May 22nd is a Friday and I need to know if there's going to be a problem with anyone in getting there for 5.30? It's been suggested that this'll be a problem for Rod and Thomas. If that's the case I need to know in order to get other players in for the match. The other thing is that this team is an unknown entity other than they are there in part for the drink after, so the actual playing/winning isn't as much of an issue as it is for us?

Fixture Clash & start time problems

The June 22nd fixture with Sports Science looks like it may have to be re-arranged for another day as June 22nd is some big do at the college - fashion shoots in the studio, Nikon in the atrium and other stuff and apparently it's going on beyond 5pm (Even though June 22nd is a Friday)? I reckon we should go for another Sunday so I'm now looking at Sunday 24th June a midday start 40 overs? What do you all reckon? In a lot of respects this will be better as I'm sure some of our players might struggle to get to Welstead Gardens for 5.30-6pm on Friday whereas I think everyone is generally free on a Sunday?

Other fixtures in the pipeline

I need to have an update on the Leyton team - are they interested in playing us if so I need some possible dates.

Badgers mate who is the Customs & Excise Team says they're up for a game, I need dates for this too.

Richard needs to follow up the possibility of a game against the SEEVIC sports department as well - what's the news there?