Monday, March 19, 2007

Injury of the month update Mar 31st

March 31st - Protective equipment.

In the nets today only Alex was slightly injured having a ball hit him in the side of the knee. I think Richard may have copped a ball in the inner thigh whilst batting as well. Outside on the grass Mark copped a Wrong Un off of me right on the end of his nose giving him a nose bleed. A shortish delivery (therefore slow) that he swung for and missed as it turned into him. I think he'd dropped to his knees to hit the ball as it bounced up and inwards and caught him. So Alex's bat is now blood stained!

I had a go at some batting and Alex said 'Don't worry about padding up too much I'm going to try and throw some off spinners'. I always pad up fully but this time only went for the box, helmet and gloves. I think the second delivery got me square in the bollocks, but because of the box I was saved! I'd always advise getting padded up - especially on the grass. Bot Mark and Alex tried wearing my helmet after Mark got one on the nose, but they both wear glasses and found it difficult to see clearly. I'm going to have to watch how Daniel Vettori from New Zealand copes with it?

Here it is on day five, as you can see it's beginning to dry up a bit and get a bit crusty. I can flip the ball a bit but it feels a bit lumpy as there's obviously a build up of scar tissue along the top edge of the injury. But it's coming along nicely.

Flipper News

No - not the dolphin - my finger! It needs to get better so I can start practicing with the flipper again and pick up where I left off. Here's another image of the finger now 3 days on. Looks to me as though it's healing quite nicely and quite quickly which I put down to my diet and the fact that I let the air get to it over night. It'll be interesting to see if it seals itself by Friday and in affect healed within a week? I'm pretty certain that on past form it'll be virtually gone by the next practice session.

Bat News

Another animal reference. Sports Science seem to have got all excited today as one of them had been out and bought a bat. Richard was winding them up about the fact that they were a little behind if they were only now buying bats. He had the impression that the whole team would be sharing this one bat! Again further evidence that we are going to thrash them as far as I'm concerned. What with the bowling form I saw over the weekend I can see us bowling their team out really quickly. It'll just then be a case of us standing our ground and not getting carried away - the suggestion has been made that perhaps we should start with people like Richard and Rod who seem to have a variety of strokes? The tactic being that their slower more precise and accurate approach would mean we'd get points on the scoreboard and build a solid base. This might also take the sting out of their bowling and then once the we're nearing their score let loose a bit and let the openers take more risks with thier batting. Then if they're bowled out in come the big guns - Thomas and Mark once the bowlers have been worn down a bit?

One of our team has got himself a bat wont say who because of the story behind how it was obtained. The bat was stolen by a member of the police force from the police cricket team somewhere in the country - nice! They'll be the same kind of police that were involved in the miners strike and the battle of Orgreave etc - you know the type.

Injury of the week

This is a fairly mean looking bruise and I've got the shot 3 days after the event and it looked worse yesterday! Mark copped this off of one of Alex's fast ones unable to get out of the way in time. Incidentally Alex smashed four uprights on two sets of stumps as well. If you're facing Alex I'd advise using a helmet as he'll admit openly that his balls do tend to go a bit wayward on the odd occasion. I think Thomas has said in the next net practice he's going to face some of the other bowlers, so maybe Mark can have a break and face me instead?

In addition Mark also got one in the Thigh, the wrist and forearm I think - all off of Alex and they're mates - so if you're one of our opponents looking in at the blog - be warned this bloke is fast and he took 11 wickets during the net practice!