Friday, March 09, 2007


The sledging has started! Last night I sent one of the video clips to Gavin Etheridge with a comment along the lines of 'We're already in the nets practicing - how's your preparations going'? Knowing almost for certain that they're not practicing at all and that they are relying on their innate sportiness and physical prowess to win on the day. I had a couple of cheap comments aimed at us/me relating to using kids equipment, I said have another look at the video and look at the stumps in the foreground that's the affect of our bowlers on the stumps - the video features the set of stumps that were totally smashed to bits. Anyway it ended up me sending him an email with details of Kwik cricket equipment and prices because none of them have bats etc and no doubt there'll be more leg pulling as we go along. But having had a bit of a laugh with them and realising that they all are aware of their impending fate I had a cup of tea with one of them and got the inside story on their preparations. Their preparations so far have been non-existant and probably will continue to be like that right through till May by the sounds of it when they then start doing cricket as a part of their course content. Between them they can easily get the 11 players together but there are only 2 players that would call themsleves cricketers - Gavin and a AL, the AL bloke plays for Westcliff but the 8th XI or something. The bloke I was talking to was up for it, but mainly from the perspective of having a laugh and I got the sense that he didn't expect to win and that he thought that because we're all older and they're all sportier (but not practicing) it would be anybodies game.