Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Availability & Fixture dates (Updated Apr 1st)

Fixture Date confirmations 30th March

This is the email I've just had from Gillian at Welstead Gardens today

Hi Dave, 20th of May is one of the dates you requested, did you want Friday 18th? I will check with the Groundsman on Saturday if the 18th is free. The other dates you have booked are Fri. 1st June. Fri. 22nd June and Sunday 1st July. I will get back to you a.s.a.p.

So it looks like the first match against the Aussies and Kiwi's is set for a Sunday which is a good thing as it probably means Rod, Thomas and Trevor can all turn up.

I now need to know who is going to be okay for that date. So far I've got -

Dave (Me)

Friday Matches

We've got a problem - subject to it being confirmed it looks like we're going to have problems getting the whole team together for these Friday matches. 90% of the people involved that's our team, the opposing teams and the venue are all based around people that work in education and in the Southend area. For all those people that fall into that catergory getting to Welstead Gardens for 5.30pm on a Friday evening is not an issue. But it might be for 3 of our key players - Thomas, Rod and Trevor all three of whom are potential bowlers. (I've spoken to Thomas about this and he's okay for Friday evenings).

But the main issue are the matches against Sports Science - June 1st (Friday). I have to know soon whether Thomas, Rod and Trevor can make it for 5.30pm if not we're going to have to start looking at getting stand ins to play till they get to the match (Not good if we have to Field first as we'll be 2 bowlers down). The other thing is who's going to want to play 15 - 45 minutes of a match and then get told to get off the pitch cos Rod,Thomas or Trevor have just turned up? I dunno - it seems to me to be a bit of a dilemma.

June 22nd is an even bigger issue because the college is having some kind of big publicity event centred around MPA and it seems most of us will be required after 5pm. I'm sort of holding fire on this till we get more info, but the longer we leave it the more likely we'll not be able to get an alternative booking for Welstead? Personally and I know most of our team are okay with this I'd like the 22nd changed to Sunday 24th for a 40 overs match, but it seems Sports Science prefer the Friday option.

I'm still working on what we should do with the June 22nd date.