Friday, July 11, 2008

Modlife CC update

The weekend and this coming week are shaping up nice. The rain resumed today with a couple of heavy showers meaning that the ground is well and truely soggy. That means if we do manage to get the roller over to the pitch tomorrow it may have some affect and we might be able to flatten the kids wicket a bit?

Sunday I've got a match with Runwell Commoners at Billericay's Lake Meadows Pitch

The last game we had there was pretty good, Neil orchestrated a very close finish where we ended up winning by one run! It's a nice little pitch and this time I'll take the camera and do some pictures. It's also nice in that I managed to get the ball to turn and again that was after some recent rain, so it does look as though if the pitch isn't dry and powdery I can get the ball to turn off the wicket? I may even be tempted to bring in the Gipper? I'll see how it goes in the pre-match warm up and if I can get the line and length I'll use it.

With regards the Tuesday night match - the weather is shaping up to be dry and warm, possibly cloudy. It looks almost certain to be a G&CCC V's Modlife CC rather than the MPA boys although I still haven't given up on 5 of them yet -

Rod the Aussie

Plus I'll speak to the Sri-Lankan bloke tomorrow? But I'm not holding a great deal of hope out for them.