Tuesday, July 01, 2008

MPA 1st XI v Tilbury

I've had more contact from Boffa the captain of the Tilbury crew. Apparently they all went and watched the 20/20 match at Chelmsford recently and are now gagging for a game! So if we can we need to get some momentum going and some commitment from some players, so if any of you ex MPA blokes are out there still viewing the blog or anyone who lives local and fancies a game against what basically is a pub team formed in the last 48 hours you need to make contact with me!

There team is shaping up to be -

Boffa - 43?
Bill - 44?
Clappa - 43?
Peachy - 43?
Bear - 43?
Chas - 43?
Tarz - 45?
Shock - 43?
Connor (Shocks boy) 15
Reece (DJ Phillips boy) 17
Postman Pat (Geezer from the pub) who knows what age? But obviously over 18

He said -

As for who bats and bowls its anyones guess. What i need from you is dates and times you can get a pitch and a team and I will cobble together a team. The sooner you can get dates the better mate with holidays coming up so let me know?

I'll have to get a name off of them. There's also the potential for this game to be a bit of crowd puller I reckon? These blokes have got a pretty big social network which hinges around a band that they're in http://www.modlifecrisisuk.moonfruit.co.uk/ and if the MPA boys manage to get a team together that incorporates a fair % of SEEC staff, some of the other staff may turn up as support?