Saturday, July 05, 2008

MPA 1st XI v MCC (Modlife Cricket Club) Sept 12th update #4

We've had fantastic weather recently. June was almost totally free of rain and July has started in a similar vein. There a cyclonic weather pattern at the moment and there's a high chance that tomorrow there'll be some rain. Unfortunately right on que for my first game for 3 weeks!

There's been loads of mini - developments so here's the update.

  • I've had a message left on my mobile phone for some bizarre reason (I do have a real phone)? by Boffa the captain of the MCC and the message indicates that the game is off. So I've emailed him tonight and maybe he'll email me back and clarify the situation? In the short term I'm going to assume it's a false alarm as he said something along these lines in an email and them corrected it a couple of days ago.
  • Last night at Saks Simon Grainge confirmed that he'd be up for a game on Sept 12th so that's player No.4.
  • The council have come back with a price for Sept 12th and it's £74.00 so we need to move on that soon otherwise we may lose the venue.
  • Neil Samwell has also given us a price for Blackshots and that's £50.00 for the whole day and that will include a bar to have a few beers in during and after the match.
  • Neil has also suggested that if we could cobble a team together we could have a quick 20/20 match one evening (before July 18th) and there'd be no charge for that at all as long as we had a few beers in the bar after. This I reckon could be a useful exercise as pre-run of the real thing as he needs to see how our team shape up as a team and look at our strengths and weaknesses prior to the one dayer.

So what do you reckon then MCC blokes? I personally would go for it but with only four of ours signed up so far we may struggle to get it together. But if we were to fix a date between now and then I could get on the phone and chivvy them along. If push come to shove I'm sure some of the G&CCC blokes would make up the numbers? What do you reckon?

Other news

Been bowling the Gipper tonight. It's a weird ball and tonight I was having a good degree of success with it when using virtually no run up and spinning it up high. It's an ugly bowling action all round especially the "Run in" with the weird body contortion required to get the ball to come out of the back of the hand and putting the spin on it using the Flipper technique. But when it does hit the deck it then does the weirdest and most radical spin. One ball was pitched 3' wide of the stumps on a good length and it turned back in and hit middle and off, I myself was in the mode of turning around to get the next ball as it landed assuming there was no way it was going to come back in and it did!

Played on the kids wicket in the middle of the field tonight for the first time but both my boys were already knackered and didn't really get into it at all. This evening I mowed both the wickets just in case it rains for the next few days and the length of the grass gets out of control. I've also noted that with the lack of rain there's been very little growth at all in the last month.

So MPA 1st XI so far consists of -

Dave Thompson RH - Spin
Richard Sainsbury - W/Keeper
Neil Samwell (C) LH - spin
Simon Grainge - Seam Bowler (Med/fast)

I'm looking forward to the game tomorrow and it's going to be my first game at home. I'll try and get some pictures as well.