Wednesday, July 02, 2008

MPA 1st XI v Tilbury #2

I've sent emails out to all the ex players and potential players and other interested parties. I've had 2 back.

Richard Sainsbury has confirmed he's interested (Wicket Keeper)? I've also had an email back from Basildon Council within 12hrs saying that The Rec is available on Sept 14th Sunday. The thing is if we want the Rec we need to book it ASAP. Nigel over at the Rec is a brilliant bloke - used to play cricket himself and he'll have it prepared beautifully for the game - rolled and prepared just before we start the game.

The other massive positive for playing at the rec is that -

Chris Eggleton

All live within a mile or so of the pitch - many of these players have transport issues, so it works well on that level. The remainder of the players are coming in from London (Alex and Nakul) both who know exactly where the Rec is and Alex will have to walk from the station. Simon and Richard both live in Southend but both have played at the Rec. It makes sense to play at the Rec.

If we're short on players Suhail has got a mate Ankul who lives virtually next to the pitch and I've just met a Sri-Lankan bloke who bats a bit who also lives nearby who's indicated he'd be up for a game. Not sure at the moment what the situation will be with Neil Samwell but he's only in Grays if he's able to play.

Downsides to the Rec are - I can never get the ball to turn on that wicket or bounce much.

I don't know how the Tilbury boys are going to feel about waiting till Sept 14th but it suits me because realistically I reckon I need that kind of time and lead in to get 11 blokes on board and ready. It will also give us some time to get some practice in and so too the Tilbury boys.