Thursday, July 03, 2008

MPA 1st XI v MCC (Modlife Cricket Club) Sept 12th

Some news on this (Looks like this is going to be a dominant theme for the next couple of months)! They've got themselves a name as you can see from the title. As yet I've had virtually no responses from the rest of the MPA 1st XI with the exception of Richard and Neil Samwell and they're both up for it so we've got 3 players. The situation is that Boffa (MCC) has said that Sept 14th at The Rec is okay and has given me the go ahead to pay for it/book it. In the meantime Neil has said that we can play at Blackshots as another option - which will be good as the money raised for the pitch etc would go to G&CCC rather than Basildon Council. Looking at the G&CCC website there are no fixtures set for that weekend at Blackshots, but I'm inclined to go for the Rec option because the MPA players know the venue etc as pointed out previously.

So MPA 1st XI so far consists of -

Dave Thompson RH - Spin
Richard Sainsbury - W/Keeper
Neil Samwell (C) LH - spin

Neil if your checking the blog out count yourself in - how do you fancy being the Captain?

Concerns I have at this stage are adherence to the rules of the game. I know some of the MCC are avid cricket watchers but I'm pretty certain that they've never ever seen a cricket scoring book let alone have any idea of the dark art of filling one in!

But that's all something they need to figure out between themselves over the next 2 months? So the ball has begun to roll let's hope it picks up some momentum and this comes together and it doesn't rain on the day!