Saturday, September 12, 2009

Counters gone wrong

Gutted, my blog counter has gone wrong. All my specialist blogs all jumped up from a handful of hits to 11,800 hits and this one jumped backwards from 18,000 hits to the current number. That suggests that maybe my computer has a virus or something?

Had a bowl last night for an hour or so that went well, good leg breaks using the loose grip approach which I'm going to try and knock up a video to explain today. This grip gives good bounce and turns big on our rough wicket it's a good sub variation on my faster flatter lesser turning leg break.

With regards the paddock we're still waiting on some rain, it hasn't rained since we were on holiday when it rained 60% of the time we were away. The whole place is look dry, yellow and arid and it'll be interesting to see what the wicket will be like over at Grays tomorrow. It looked like Australia a couple of weeks ago and there's been no rain since then.