Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still no rain

I'm not wanting the summer to come to an end and I'd much rather it was sunny right through till next spring and certainly through October when we can still get a few days where the temperature is in the 20 degrees centrigrade region. But, I need some rain for my wicket, the seeds need to germinate and for the new grass get a foothold before we're plunged into the frosty mornings of November. I've been watering it a bit over the last few days but there's still no sign of any real growth. The appearance is that the grass that was there in clumps is forcing it's way through and that perhaps with the introduction of the new nutrient rich earth it's causing dormant root systems to spread and produce shoots as well? Maybe this alone over the next few weeks if we get some rain will give us a covering of grass.

I also had a bit of a bowl tonight and that went quite well and there's a chance I may be able to get access to a high speed digital camera in the next few weeks or so and if the weather does hold out I might at last be able to record all the different wrist spin variation grips and release in action?