Friday, September 04, 2009

Gutted match called off

Gutted, the match on Sunday has been called off seems they couldn't get enough blokes together to make a 2nd XI up. Last night they might have played a T20 match but it had a 4.30pm start on Thursday so I couldn't get along to it, but maybe most of the blokes that would have played Saturday and Sunday are all too knackered to play 3 matches almost back to back and it's the Sunday match that has been affected? So I'm without a match. There's a small chance that I might get a game with the B&PCC Sunday team (Ben and Joe's team), but I'm still waiting to hear from them. Other than that I might just drive over to The Rec and see who's playing there or some other nearby grounds - perhaps Herongate?

I had a look at my stats last night after my catastrophic game recently and despite leaking runs like a siv they still look okay I reckon 50.9 - 12 - 237 - 21 which converts to an average of 11.29, RPO of 4.66 and a Strike Rate of 14.54. But I have to acknowledge that I have only bowled 50 overs and the rest of the spinners I compare my figures against have bowled 150 + overs and it seems the more you bowl the worse your figures get. But I have improved dramatically over last year and that's the main thing.

It looks like Joe and Ben maybe playing indoor league cricket over the winter, so we're just waiting for a letter from G-Man their team coach to confirm the situation with that, so that's good and that'll be on Friday nights.

Other than that I had a bowl in the paddock for hour and half and noticed that since I've been looking to see if I get drift when I bowl - I've now realised I get loads of drift - virtually every Leg Break ball I bowl! Still waiting for the rain in the paddock so I get do the levelling and seeding.