Saturday, September 26, 2009

Runwell Commoners tomorrow

I've been waiting for this game for some time now to get my revenge on the left handed batsman. So today I've been bowling the Wrong Un a bit and it was coming out well. My wrong un is far superior in spin potential in comparison with my Leg Break. With the wrong un I can produce the 'Big Flick' but along with the big flick comes some loss in accuracy. So I'll get to the pitch tomorrow and run out the Wrong Un and see how it goes with the accuracy and see how the game pans out. If I end up facing the Lefty I may give it a go?

So far it looks as though we're going to have a beautiful September day with 22 degress sunny with very little wind. The wicket will still be like a dust bowl so there'll not be a lot of bounce I guess?

I've just been looking at the Runwell Commoners website and just found this - it looks as though just in the last few days some scumbag/s have burned down their clubhouse/shed. Let's hope they find the B******s that did it and there's some consequence to their actions. Needless to say there wont be though, they'll probably be given some kind of rehabilitation program where they're sent to Ibiza to contemplate their wrong doings. Let's hope whatever happens the Runwell boys stick it out without their shed and that the council re-build it quickly and use a better design.

The Paddock

I'm still working my way down the paddock wicket gradually turning what was a rough strip of grass into something quite presentable. I'm still waiting on some rain and tonight I've started the process of watering it bit by bit myself. I'll water it at night so that it doesn't get dried out and the seeds will have a chance of germinating. I've watered a strip of it tonight and I'll see how it's dried tomorrow and if it looks as though the fact that the strip is damp slightly and maybe have some give in it whilst binding together I may roll it?

Other than that I had a good bowl today and for the first time in ages felt on form.