Sunday, September 27, 2009

Runwell Commoners the final conflict

22 degrees centigrade, wall to wall sunshine, what more could you ask for on Sept 27th for the final game of the season? Again there seemed to be some problems getting 11 blokes together. Right at the last minute Swiss Danny Groves was taken from us to play with the firsts. In short as I've got other things to be getting on with we batted poorly with their bowlers dismissing the whole team for 98 in 30 overs. I went for a duck only surviving 4 deliveries bowled clean.

We made a good fist of bowling and fielding but 98 was just too much. Ibowled okay didn't getting ant wickets but after the first ball being a full toss and being hit to backward of deep square leg for 4 I settled down and bowled fairly well. I nearly had a bloke caught at short mid wicket but the fielder was closer to square leg than Mid wicket and he didn't quite get there only managing to get his hand to it and not being able to hold it. The next ball to the same bloke was a Wrong Un and that turned back in on him and he missed it completely and it went past Leg Stump having pitched outside of the off-stump. It only missed by about 3mm and Fozzy missed it too.

I'll post up the score sheets later, but the game was in the tradition of all the games I've played with the Runwells - very equally matched and despite the fact that we posted a poor batting figure our fielding and bowling was pretty good. Needless to say we lost.