Sunday, October 04, 2009

Clay beautiful clay

I've scored some clay - probably as much as I want. The bloke next door has an enormous pile of it in his back yard and today I filled a bin with it and have started to dry it and seive it. Ideally I'll end up with 2 dustbins of finely seived clay as a minimum and possibly even more. It looks as though over the winter there's a chance now that I may be able to work on levelling the whole of the wicket area - the full 22 yards by about 3 metres wide. What with the fact that there's more than enough clay in the bloke next doors garden there's even the possibility I could level a strip that runs from one side of the paddock to the other and even work towards making it possible to bowl and bat at both ends which will enable rotation of the ends and help with the maintenance of the most worn out end.

Looking at the growth rate of the grass I'm beginning to think that maybe the grass I've sewn is past it's sell by date or something as there doesn't seem to be a lot of growing going on.

Managed to get Joe and Ben over to the Rec to have a bit of a knock about and we were joined by a bloke called Nick Gosling who at some point recently had been on Essex County Cricket Clubs books as a player. He joined in with us and he bowled at me and was pretty nippy even with his spin and then I bowled at him and he hit me for a couple of fours but then I managed to get the ball past him a few times and got him LBW. He's left me with his phone number and said if we're looking to have a knockabout next summer he'll be up for it and to give him a ring.