Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Perfect grass growing weather

Suddenly everywhere you look the grass on the yellowed fields is recovering. My little plot of dirt where I'm cultivating the wicket in the Paddock is now covered in tiny grass shoots with only a small patch of bare earth but I'm optimistic that this'll produce shoots too over the next few days. The temperature last night was an 1/8th of a centigrade away from being the all time record for a night in October with it reaching 18 degrees. With the damp warm air and the fact that it's now been raining for the best part of 2 days on and off, the conditions for the grass to get a foothold are perfect. This morning I sewed some more seeds on the bare patches and I'm going to see if I can score some more from somewhere or maybe buy some so as to establish a good growth before the winter sets in. It suddenly looks very promising.

The only short term issue is the grass as it's so new wont be able to take any rolling so the littel bit of uneveness will have to be addressed in the spring once the grass is really well established. It's looking good.

Other stuff

I'm a bit lost as to what to do now in the short term. Last year I had the Googly Syndrome to sort out and that kept me busy all winter. This year the only thing that is in need of obvious attention is the fact that I'm missing the Big Leg Break 'The Biggun'. In the short term though I'm fairly happy to rest up for a while and let things like my dislocated finger heal up properly and the faint niggle in my arm from the Medial Epicondylitis. I've noticed because of the Med Epi I lost a lot of upper body strength which affected my surfing this summer and virtually rendered me unable to surf, so once I've rested up a bit I may start to work on the upper-body strength again and hopefully that might help if I combine stretches with my Fingers to Elbow tendons to alleviate problems with the Med Epi condition (Golfers elbow)?

I've changed my header image. Unfortunately it's a fast bowler, but I've not been able to get my act together to get a good picture of my lads and no-ones ever taken a shot of me bowling. The image I've ended up using is from a match earlier in the year with Runwell Commoners over at their ground in Billericay (Lake Meadows) which is one of my favourite venues and favourite teams to play against.