Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nothing much doing

My lads have got some indoor matches coming up which'll be good and they're all being played at Grays where we (G&CCC) have our winter nets. The first game will be Oct 23rd and it's at a time where I'll be able to take them and go along and watch. So I've been getting them to practice a bit. Joe's been the most up for it and he seems to have reverted back to spin and his bowling action seems to have recovered a bit. Ben on the other hand has been experimenting with spin but can readily turn back to pace bowling it seems. Both of them seem to have naturally improved with their batting slightly, but not a great deal, the test will be when they face other kids with a real ball. To be honest I'm not sure what kind of ball they'll be using indoors. I had a practice with Joe tonight and when he was focused he was bowling quite well. So next Wednesday I might book out a bay at the community centre and take them both down there and have some indoors practice.

The Paddock

The paddock is doing well, the grass is now growing very well with 90% coverage and in a lot of places the growth is quite dense. The weathers been dry for a couple of days and over the next few days it's going to continue in this way so there's a window of opportunity to give it it's first mowing since sewing. This'll also help out with levelling it slightly as my Ransomes Ajax is a hefty lump of mower.


Not a lot happening on the practice front, but it's getting to that point where I'll have to resort to bowling on concrete again. It looks like I may get a couple more sessions on the grass if I'm lucky.