Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oct 21st 2009

G&CCC News

As per usual, not a lot doing. There was an EGM at G&CCC last night and I couldn't get along as I'm studying for a teaching qualification and one of the lectures coincided with the meeting. I haven't got a clue as to why an EGM was called and not being of an age where I can be an integral member of the club and make it a key part of my life I don't even have a sense that there's anything major going on within the club for there to be an EGM. I suppose I'll just have to wait until I receive some kind of notification.

B&PCC News

I had a text from G-Man today asking if Ben and Joe will be up for Sunday morning training sessions between 10.00 and 1pm which is a good old solid 3 hour session at Woodlands. The impression I got was that he was sounding out whether there's the necessary interest in the idea to justify them running it. From the amount of boys that were turning up at B&PCC Under 11's at the end of the season I'd imagine he'll get the response that he's hoping for unless of course they've all been brain-washed into playing that other sport. let's hope not?

This Friday Ben and Joe get to play their first indoor league match which I'm looking forward to. I'm hoping that Ben Bats well and keeps the ball off the stumps as he seems quite enthused at the minute with his batting. Hopefully Joe will bowl okay and his enthusiasm might improve after a crappy couple of sessions with him.

My training

Not a lot happening, I'm starting to work on my shoulders and arm muscles after leaving them for several months after the Medial Epincondilytis. At the minute with the low level exercise I'm doing the ME seems okay, so I'll have to keep and eye on how that all goes and see if I start to get twinges. At the minute there's not even a ball in the house so I'm not even spinning the ball from hand to hand in the manner that I normally do every spare second of the day.

Bad news on the digital camera front, at work they ordered some of the cameras that produce the slow motion footage, but the order has been cancelled due to the website not being contactable. My own camera has broken down (Canon G9) completely stopped and researching why I came across loads of other people reporting the same thing after a year. Mines in at repair workshop and the geezer's fixing it for me and I'll hopefully get it back in about a week?

The Paddock

There's been rain and mild temperatures interspersed with sunshine, so the grass is still growing with vigour. I took a load of pictures of the fencing around the paddock with a view to trying to get the council to repair the holes, so that's something to work on.