Friday, October 16, 2009


Ben and Joe have an indoor match on the 23rd of this month and not having that many opportunities to practice I thought we'd go down to the local leisure centre and hire out one of the Badminton bays which are sectioned off by floor to ceiling curtains across the width of a sports hall. The size is just big enough to allow them to bowl the 20 yards. The cost is a £10 for an hour so if all three of us get in there it's justified I reckon.

Unfortunately the centre was booked all night and every night for the forseeable future mostly by footballers. We then went on to Markhams chase and it was the same story there, so we then ended up at the floodlit basketball court near the A127. Having got there with the intention of batting as well as bowling we soon discovered that the lighting was inadequate and that overall it was an unsatisfactory arrangement at night. We gave it a go but ended up going after a short while. If the weather holds out we might go to Chalkwell Park either Saturday or Sunday as there's nets there and a decent artificial surface.