Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another session at the Essex Nets

Damn I wish people would get their facts right! Last week at the net session despite what I'd been told, there were no youths and I'd almost taken Ben and Joe. This week at the youth nets I asked about the prospect of taking Ben and Joe and was told catergorically 'No' and then tonight when I arrive Sonny and Frank are there! I'd gone out saying to Ben "Sorry mate you can't come, youths are not allowed! So again I asked and was told yes they can come along, so maybe next week?

Tonight I stuck with the keep it simple formula and it went okay and I was happy with everything except for the Flipper, that didn't work at all, so will need some work. The top-spinners didn't look that clever tonight but the Leg Breaks and Wrong-uns looked fine with the wrong un causing problems. Fitness-wise, did okay, have come home and warmed down and everything is fine. Bowled some faster balls and my arms good as well, so all in all a good session. Didn't bat though as there was a lot more people there tonight.

I took the camera tonight to get some pics and vid of Dave Bonnetts bowling, he bowled a lot better tonight and talking to him about his deliveries, he was saying that his stock delivery was a 'Slider' , where he uses his thumb primarily to impart the spin, in the light available there it was tricky to see the seam presentation, but his explanation looked to match up with the action. Unfortunately I was so engrossed in the bowling that I didn't shoot any video or take any pictures. Frank was there too and he asked about what Stuart Macgill had said about his bowling, I said that we needed to get some new footage and submit that to Stuart for him to comment on, but, I didn't get round to it!

The weather here though is appalling for late March, still 2-3 degrees during the day and around 0 at night with no prospect for any drastic change, the wind is still coming in from Siberia in the East. I walked through the paddock on the way home as it was light and it's in a mess and we certainly wont be using it this Easter!