Friday, March 01, 2013

Stuart Macgill - Spin Doctor

Over at Big Cricket on the Spin Forums we've been discusing the prospects of someone taking up the role of Terry Jenner as the 'Spin Doctor'. We've always though that Warney would be unlikely as he's far too taken with the role of celebrity star and we all thought that Stuart Macgill could be a likely candidate.

A while back Stuart Macgill joined one of my forums and went public on Youtube and for a while was readily contactable, he's since moved over to his own Google page and currently he's got Basildon & Pitsea Cricket Clubs Frank Farrington's video on there for discussion and analysis. Frank's one of our clubs U13's players and he plays in my younger sons team. In the email contact that I've had with Stuart he's previously said that he was looking at doing something along the lines of Terry Jenner and it looks as though this is happening see the link here

Stuarts contactable via his Google page and his 'The Cricket Club' page.