Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Paddock


 The other thing I did over the weekend was have a go at cutting down the bushes that run along the side of the paddock. Over the years there’s been a cluster of trees growing along and in amongst the fence on the sunny side and these trees cast a shadow across the wicket and needless to say that has a negative impact on the grass. So I’ve been out and cut all the trees and the brambles at the base to kill them off before they get going. I’ll have to cut the dead stuff off bit by bit over the coming weeks. At the moment it’s wet and lumpy over there and at some point soon I’ll need to get in there with the roller. The grass is in need of some care and with 3 ½ weeks till the next school holiday now’s the time to get the grass seed down as Easter’s a key prep period where the main rolling happens so the grass seed will need to have got established by then.