Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 3 cricket boot camp

Boot camp drills for Joe have had to be put on hold as he's fallen ill with a cold and looks ill, so he's on paracetamol, lots of drinks and rest for a few days. Hopefully he'll be better before the start of next week. Next week looks as though we may be in for a change for the better with regards to the weather, with the temperature reaching double figures 11 degrees centigrade, so hopefully if Joe's feeling better we'll be able to get over the Rec and start doing some training and having a knock-about. We'll get Ben and some of the other lads involved, Kieran, Harry, Ollie Bybuke and maybe Frank?

Weather forecats here...

In the meantime, I've kept going, using the same drill off of Youtube as linked yesterday and I've started power walking and running as well, my legs ache like mad, but it's got to be done! Ben joined me on the run/walk drill I do, but he didn't like the walking bit and ended up running off doing a circuit that I used to do back in the day, which is well beyond me at this point in my fitness regime and not particularly 'Cricket specific'.

The other thing I've been doing over the last year or so is the batting a ball up against a wall and keeping it going A La' Don Bradman, albeit with a flat bat and a training ball. The space I do it in is pretty small so it's quite awkward, but I reckon this forces me to do the right thing batting-wise. I batted in the nets a couple of weeks ago and survived quite well, so I'm guessing my batting, or should I say blocking is getting better! At the end of the summer I'd got to the point where I was able to do it 13 times consecutively and tonight I went out and did 22 times! So I'm wondering whether that indicates that I've improved my technique?