Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Joe Update

March 4th

 No cricket at the weekend with the boys except for some throw-downs with Ben. Joe was unwell for most of the weekend and the youth nets had been called off. But, today is Joe’s first day in 11 months that he’s been able to do PE, so he’ll be doing Gymnastics, which isn’t too bad, hopefully fairly soon he’ll be doing cricket as it’s about this time of the year that they start that up. He’s been practicing roly-poly’s as he’s been watching the other kids and seen that a lot of them can’t do it and he’s got it sussed now, so at least he wont have to suffer the humiliation of not being able to do that! We’ll have to wait and see how he gets on, his biggest challenge is his stamina and his strength, which he needs to build up again, someone has said along the way, that it may be a couple of years before he catches up with his full fitness.

PE went well, they were outside and did shotput, spear chucking and other field events and in the spear chucking he did really well throwing it the furthest. The following day (Tuesday) they were in doors and doing exercises on the horse - jumping exercises and he did that and there were no dramas, so I'm guessing he's realised that his leg other than the scars is pretty much fixed which is good to hear. Last night when I came home from work he was outside throwing a rugby ball around with his mate 'Malcolm' aka Callum. Tonight he's off to his first Karate session and I heard him say something about he's not going to be doing any kicking drills, so I'll have to follow that up and see what he meant, as that implies he has some doubts about his legs strength? But overall he's doing very well.