Thursday, March 14, 2013

Those rebellious Aussie test players.

I haven't followed this too closely, but have been keeping an eye on it. As an advocate of reflective practice, using the Gibbs model, in conjunction with my own practice as a teacher and as a method for students to use in their work I was on-board with what happened and couldn't believe that people like Mathew Hoggard dismissed it.

I noticed in my blog list on the left here that fellow blogger 'Pencil Cricket' had covered the same story in his blog and had a look  and initially he seems to have been of the same school of thought as Mathew Hoggard, but then says having read the article linked below from Cricinfo he had a change of mind. The article puts the case very well as far as I'm concerned, and considering how little they had to do I find it incredible that they didn't. What model the trainers and managers used as the basis for the task, is not clear and there are many, but they all work on the same basic principles which are alluded to by the writer. But my own favoured version "Gibbs Reflective Practice" is a superb tool for reflection and promoting development and improvement. If used correctly it's a very harsh way of holding a mirror up to yourself and looking at what you do, it forces you to draw conclusions about what you  do and to put into practice systems to force improvements. I'm a big fan, but it leaves me wondering how much this goes on in our obscene national game Football, maybe its something our football teams should be doing?