Saturday, May 02, 2015

2nd match cancelled

There was a sniff of a chance that I might get a game today. Ben was selected for a 3rd XI game, but declined as he's doing GCSE revision at the moment, so I emailed and said I'd play if they needed a replacement. No-one answered the email, but then later on Friday on that Twitter thing someone said the game was cancelled because the other team couldn't get a team together. Desperate to have a game I contacted some mates who play for other teams to see if they were short, but they were okay.

Last night Joe and I made a long journey up to a place called Southwold in Suffolk to pick up a bike I'd won on Ebay. I've had the same type of bike for a few months now and as yet haven't been using it that much, but I thought if Joe had one that'd give me an excuse to use mine more frequently. I might try and get him to cycle to Camber sands when we go next, something I've not done for a while. We'll have to do a bit of training running up to it as it's a fair old stint.

64 miles...

This morning when we checked it out there were a couple of small things that needed to be adjusted. Once that was done we went for a ride which included some pretty big hills, so if we do that on a frequent basis that'll help with fitness - stamina and leg strength. Once we had that all done we then went over the paddock and had a bit of a knock about. Both of us tried a number of different things with the batting, Joe batted better than me, but that's because I just find Joe very difficult to bat against - he varies what he does so much.
The Paddock

The paddock this year is coming along nicely, we've done quite a bit of work, planted a lot of seed in the autumn and cut a load of bushes and brambles off of the fence on the right. We've mowed it this afternoon as there's rain forecast tomorrow and Wednesday and there's seed on the wicket at the moment, so a drop of rain would be good to see.
This afternoon we came up with a nice little accuracy drill which I may start using see here