Thursday, May 07, 2015

Rest day today - games start tomorrow...

Worked late tonight so didn't get in till gone 9pm. There's been some shifting around in the 4th XI line up creating an opening for my younger son (13 years old) Joe, which is good news. He's got his own U15's game on Friday night as well at 'Thurrock' which I'm looking forward to, that's my old team 'Grays and Chadwell cricket club' with the legendary Alex 'Wizard' McLellan, so I may get a chance to see him and ask him how his bowling is going. It'll be tight on timing as I don't get out of work till just before 5 and I've got to get all the way to Grays.

The weather for Saturday looks promising...
 Brisk wind 30mph South Westerly.
 Cloudy bright.
About 15 degrees centigrade.
I'm looking forward to the game and it's interesting to see that it is made up of a number of kids as it was last year, but this time I'm not the captain. There seems to be a distinct lack of a fast bowler like Ben (My older son) although Joe's getting bigger and stronger and he may start to fulfil that role as the season goes on and potentially because he's slightly more interested in cricket than Ben is, he may approach it in a different manner? I reckon Tim Edmonds will bowl a lot of overs. But this does look like a difficult game.
1 :  Lee Dutton
2 :  Charlie Blerkom
3 :  Tim Edmonds
4 :  Luke Edmonds
5 :  Jamie Britton
6 :  Joe Thompson
7 :  Dave Thompson
8 :  Tim Brown
9 :  Tony Harms
10 :  Anthony Joseph
11 :  Mike Blerkom