Saturday, May 30, 2015

No cricket so far...

No cricket this Saturday, been at a Rugby match at Twickenham. Some team called Saracens won by quite a bit, didn't have a clue what was going on, blokes coming and going all the time, medics and blokes with drinks on all the time back and forth even cameramen on the pitch during play! Nothing like I remember back in the day with Eddie Waring! The highlight of the day was once it had finished. In the ground there was one big group of blokes all dressed up in cricket white with all the gear. Once out they set up on the concourse with a set of stumps and were getting kids to bat and bowl at each other. They were the fielders along with another 100 of us all watching and waiting for the chance to catch the ball! Far more entertaining and we watched for about 1/2 and hour as they played.

Not sure what happened at the club because there were a number of other events happening Lee Dutton was having a social event, The FA cup final was on and so too was the test match and looking at the website, some teams appeared to only have six to eight players! We'll probably hear about it on Monday when Joe has a game at Orsett for the U15's. Joe's game will be interesting as it's their nemesis team and one of the best teams in the area if not the best team. But so far this team has only been beaten once, despite the fact that it's rammed with U13 players. But one of the key players who has the ability to bowl a team out has yet to bowl in any of these matches - the captain Frank Farrington. So it'll be interesting to see if he bowls himself?

Before that though, there's tomorrow and there's a SDR match over at the Rec and they're two men down, so Joe and I are going to join them and play. Hopefully Joe will get a bowl and I'll get a few overs as well? No idea who we're playing against and the chances are the we're going to be affected by the rain. The forecast is for rain in the morning right up to the point when the game starts, so hopefully it'll be only light rain and with the wind it'll dry out quickly. Let's hope so.

Later in the day...

The bloke from SDR (Manager) rang in the morning and let me know the game was off. The weather did cheer up a bit and then later in the day it rained again, so if they'd had chanced it, it probably would have been called off.