Friday, May 22, 2015

Basildon & Pitsea U15's v Wickford U15's - Wickford Memorial Park

To be continued...

Another match for Joe tonight, so three games for him this week and a school game cancelled. With the school game out of 360 boys from the 3rd, 2nd and 1st year at his school they couldn't find 11 boys that would have a game, they got 5 and that was it. I blame it on Sky and this countries obsession with football, it's not like we're that good at it and somehow they're paid £900,000 a week I've been reading today in the newspapers.

Weather tonight was a lot better than last Monday, warm during the day and going into the evening the warmth stayed. Nice venue, Wickford memorial park an attractive ground with plenty of trees around the pitch. Joe and I what with work arrived just as the game was about to start and our boys I reckon must have lost the toss as they fielded first meaning the batting would have to be in the failing light again.


6th ball of Joe's first over, went to hand and Sam Jones didn't managed to hold on to it.
In the Sam Goods over his 4th ball was hit to Mid on - looping to Andrew Tokley, who in previous weeks has pouched them, but on this occasion he couldn't hang on to it. Shortly though Andrew put that right by taking a catch off of Sam Goods bowling in exactly the same place getting rid of G.Bailey for 2 runs. That brought Palmer to the crease and Sam Good sent him back to the sheds for 0 facing his first ball. 'Magic Mo Baig' who's been devastating with his Leg Breaks in the last two games almost got off to a brilliant start with a fast pick up in the field from my son Joe Thompson, who got it back to Mo over the stumps but Mo spilled it missing out on an easy run-out.

During Tom Pauls spell, when Nathan Lambert was trying to get off the mark another really fast pick up by Mo Baig, was sent back to the keeper, but this time Charlie wasn't able to hang on to it, so another wicket was missed out on.

There were a couple of contentious decisions according to some of the players. E.Thomas was run out brilliantly by Tom Paul fielding the ball from square leg, he was given out not having grounded the bat. Charlie thought he had a stumping late in the game and was obviously unhappy about the decision.

Magic Mo, had a very different game today bowling a high no-ball that was smacked for 4, ruining what may have been a really good spell.

Here's some pictures...