Monday, May 11, 2015

Practice Sunday and Monday

On Sunday after the match Saturday, I felt knackered - whole body kind of knackered, so I need to look at doing something about that especially lower body strength and stamina. I didn't get out onto the paddock to have a warm up till after lunch and then Joe and I went over and had a bat and bowl with a windball. An hour of that kind if loosened me up and I felt that later in the day I could have a proper bowl and later that evening I bowled properly for about an hour and that went quite well. Again looking to be accurate and to turn the ball.

Tonight I had another hour practicing on my own again just looking to spin the ball with differing degrees of spin and practicing what are becoming the four different deliveries I may be using in actual games. The most promising is the new Googly I'm using it has loads of top spin and is bowled using a very different method to my leg break. It's pretty accurate so if it doesn't turn it ends up being a good top spinner with loads of bounce, but occasionally when I get it right it's a very good bouncy off-break. Time spent practicing - about 50 minutes or so and the session got progressively better.