Sunday, June 29, 2008

MPA 1st XI call to arms

On Facebook tonight I had a challenge from "Boffa" he's my Tilbury mate from back in the day that came along and helped us out at least twice back in the MPA 1st XI days. He's got all my old Tilbury mates together and they've knocked up a team and have thrown down a challenge to play us. But we no longer exist and some of our number are on world tours not due back till late August (Badger and Alex). Personally I don't mind holding out till Sept some time and playing then after everyone has had their holidays? But as for who might still be around for a game - that's going to take some sorting. I reckon too that if it was to happen it would more than likely be at either Langdon Hills Rec or Gloucester Park?

Simon Grainge - Up for it

Thomas Slater - Up for it - but work commitments may be a problem

Nakul Handa - Up for it but now lives in London

Suhail - Up for it - but work commitments may be a problem

Rod "The OZ" - Don't know?

Badger - Up for it after Sept

Alex - Up for it after Sept

Chris - Don't Know

Alex - Don't know

Jack - Don't know

Richard Sainsbury - Up for it - probably ok


There's other people we could call upon - I know Neil at G&CCC has said he'd play on our side and another option is that the Tilbury Boys would play us at G&CCC or on some neutral ground. It's an idea and I'm kind of looking forward to bowling against some of my old mates - especially Boffa!

Valence Way Wicket news - no play on it as yet and it's drying out nicely. Hopefully the rest of the field will be cut tomorrow or some time in the week. I've bowled on it and it's nice and bouncy. Seems fairly even and flat as well. Here's the latest picture shot this evening.